Affair with Married Man

Having an Affair with a Married Man


Many married women reach a point in their marriage where they feel, often unexpectedly, that having a short liaison with a married man is desirable.

If you peruse ads on various adult websites, you will indeed find women who are looking to have an affair with a married man and vice verse.

Having an affair with a married man is preferable because they know that the man will be less likely to ever reveal it since he has a much to lose as she does.

In addition, if the affair partner were a single man and ever grew attached to her, it would be much harder to call it off.


What causes a woman to have an affair with a married man?

Often a marriage can become very dreary for a woman, particularly if her husband no longer sees her as a young, vivacious and romantically desirable woman.

One thing most men forget is that there is no such thing as a married woman, rather a woman who happens to be married.

This is an important distinction one of the reasons why women sometimes seek out an affair with a married man in the first place.

Women are different than men in that they still yearn for playful romance, still wish to feel attractive and enjoy more subtle sexual interaction.

Men tend to be more left brained and wish to simply engage in sexual activity without a lot of romance, foreplay, playful banter or any other ‘appetizer’ before the main course.

If the man with whom the woman is considering having an affair with is skillful at subtle, sexual innuendo, it amplifies the chemistry between the two and increases the likelihood of infidelity.

When a married woman notices her husband is not interested in being truly romantic and this becomes the norm, most healthy, vibrant women will see alternatives.

The labels that society attaches to how a woman is supposed to act and feel once she is married are in conflict with her internal needs.

This conflict often leads the woman to seek out an affair with a man who often is married himself.

Signs of a woman who is having an affair with a married man 

There are some subtle clues that any man might notice when determining if his wife is possibly having an affair with a married man or seeking one.

Remember often affairs are not planned out; she may be entering into one without even realizing it.

First, it’s not uncommon for the married man to be someone that the couple knows.  So one subtle clue is that she is talking about a married man both of whom you already know.

Secondly, she seems to be growing more distant, spending less time with the husband and family while making all sorts of interesting excuses for her absence.

She may reminisce more about her youth when she was more carefree, had less responsibility and was more excited about the future.

Often the passions of youth get reignited when she is about to have or is having an affair with a married man.

She may also be more sexually cold towards her husband since her true source of stimulation is coming from the affair partner.

Changes in Attitude:

Her attitude will not change towards the children, but you may notice her talking about other people’s lives, travels and the thrilling things they’re doing more often.

She may even state directly she wishes that she could lead a more exciting and care-free life.

This is often a signal she is tired of her mundane existence and seeking a diversion by talking about the exciting adventures of others.

Remember that most affairs actually start mentally and emotionally before any physical contact has taken place.   Rarely are there not warning signs.

Again having an affair with a married man is not something most women premeditate, it’s the result of a long process that starts when the marriage becomes stale.


Revealing the truth about a spouse who is having an affair with a married man

The best way anyone can determine if their spouse is having an affair with a married man or woman is to simply purchase the appropriate software, install it on their spouse’s phone and track their emails, calls, texts and other activities.

Be sure to check with the vendor first who can offer additional information on what kind of phones can be spied on and what the specific requirements are to make that work.

Please also refer to other articles on this having an affair website for additional information to uncover an affair, cope with an affair and issues related to infidelity.


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